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E-Max International [EMI] is dedicated to serving our customers with expertise and integrity in all aspects of business. With years of experience, E-MAX has the ability to fulfill any businesses technical needs, from initial PC setup and Networking to Web Development and Internet Marketing,
EMI can do it all.


Server Installation, PC - Laptop Repairs, Maintainance,
Services & Peripherals


HTML, PHP, CSS, MySQL, E-commerce, POS, GUI Design, .Net and Java


Site Analysing, Cabling, Configuration, Load Balancing, Firewall, Reports

CCTV & Surveillance

Complete CCTV surveillance system services


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EMI Courses

CCTV Installation Technician Training Course - 06 Months

	Introduction to CCTV
	CCTV site survey & Legislation issues
	Types of CCTV Cameras
	Types of DVR & NVR
	Types of Cables & Accessories
	Cabling methods & Distance Calculation
	Field of view calculation
	NVR & IP Camera Configuration
	PTZ Cameras & Controlling
	Video recording settings & compressions
	Cloud Configuration
	Mobile & Remote View Configuration
	DVR/NVR & Hard Disk Configuration
	Security Alarm Systems

Computer Networking Certificate Course - 06 Months

	Network Fundamentals
	OSI Layers & TCP/IP Layers
	IP Address & Sub netting
	MS Windows Networking Concept (domain/workgroup)
	Active Directory Service (ADS)
	Security Policy Implementation with ADS
	DNS, DHCP, Routing and Remote access
	Introduction of Routers, 
	Basic Cisco Router Configuration commands
	Wireless Networking configuration
	ADSL Router Configuration
	Introduction of IP Camera & Devices 
	Range Extender & Reapeater Configuration
	File & Printer Sharing methods

Diploma in Computer Application - 06 Months

	Networking & Internetworking Field
	Database Development & Administration Field
	Programming - Development Tools, Languages
	Technical Writing
	Software Design & Engineering
	Graphic Design & Animation
	Web & E-commerce Development

Mobile Phone Repair - 04 Months

	Repairing Android Mobile Phone & Tabs
	Basics Mobile Commnication
	Soldering & Desoldering
	Working on SMD/BGA IC's & PCB
	Fault Finding & Troubleshooting
	Software Flashing
	Mobile Phone Unlocking

Certificate in Microsoft Office Applications - 06 Months

	Introduction to Information Technology
	Word Processing (Microsoft Word 2016)
	Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel 2016)
	Presentations (Microsoft PowerPoint 2016)
	Internet Technologies for Organizational Productivity

Certificate in Adobe Photoshop - 06 Months

	Graphic Software Fundamentals
	Manipulate Images
	Design Artwork
	Prepare Customize Graphic Elements
	Design & Create Graphics for Print Products, 

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We are an IT related service providing company founded in 2006.

who we are

Any services you receive from us will be provided by qualified, experienced and certified staff. Our technicians have a thorough knowledge of the services they will be providing and extensive experience in the field. They continuously study technology as it evolves and posses industry accredited certificates and credentials. Industry leaders like Microsoft, CompTIA, and CISCO have recognized their skills.

our skills

Design & Creativity
Customer Service

working party

team 1

MHN Jayawardene - Company Secretary & Lawyer
Since 2013

He is responsible for the efficient administration of EMI, particularly with regard to ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and for ensuring that decisions of the board of directors are implemented.

team 1

GSB Senanayake - Web Designer - EMI BPO Centre
Since 2012

A Computer Systems and Networks professional, loves anything hands on. When he's not here getting stuck into projects, loves Hiking, with movies to keep himself entertained.

team 1

M Hewage - Electrical Eng. / Inventor & Patent Holder
Since 2011

He is a Presidential award winning Patent holder & Inventor for Security & Safety. The medical opinion is that a person drowned will die after two minutes. His method always helps to protect the life of a person within this crucial two minutes.

team 1

SM Senevirathne - Senior Lecturer at EMI Istitute
Since 2011

She has 30 years lecturer experience in gov. schools & 15 years GCE papper marking experience

team 1

MAC Prasadi - Co-Founder & COO
Since 2008

She's a fountain of ideas.
Under MAC's leadership, EMI has become an inventive, forward-thinking agency that has earned national accolades for creativity and innovation.

team 1

MH Muditha - Founder & Entrepreneur
Since 2006

Loves to challenge himself with competition.
He started a small computer shop in 2006.
He has an attitude and he knows how to use it!

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  • Showroom: No.148, Old Kesbewa Road, Delkanda, Nugegoda.
  • Tel: 0117 945 945

  • Institute & Back Office: Sumaga Education Center, Siddamulla, Piliyandala.
  • Tel: 0117 945 946

  • Factory: No.101, LB-2, Hingurakgoda.
  • Tel: 0117 945 947

  • Country: Sri Lanka   Country Code: 0094

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