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2023-NOV Ongoing Laptop Repairs:

Pending Laptop Repairs:
N5136 Ms.Cuelo Dell No-Power M/B Damaged & Pending Repair – parts N/A.
N5135-2 Mr.Subasinghe Apple MacBook Pro No-Power/Dead

Repair Done / Ready to Collect:
N5135 Ms.Shakeera Acer No-Power M/B Damaged – Fixed & Sub PCB Pending.

Mobile Device Repairs

Job No. Item Description
N5103 NK A-1080 NOT CHARGING / NETWORK ISSUE / NO POWER DEAD / CHG LOGO ONLY *Ready to Collect / Repair Done*
N5062 PO X3-NFC DISPLAY DMG / RIBBON DMG - Motherboard Over heating after replaced new Display
N5084 SM A80 NO POWER / NOT CHARGING - Estimate Sent | Cx said do not repair