Modio MC68 Max Smart watch

  • Dialing: When Bluetooth is connected you can make a call by dialing the number. At this time, the phone will automatically dial, and the phone can set the call device as a watch.
  • Phonebook: After the watch is connected to the App successfully, you can add 50 frequently-used contacts in the App
  • Call record: Keep a record of calls made by the watch.
  • Information: Keep the information pushed by the mobile phone, you can view the last 8 pushed message.

රු 6,999


Modio MC68 Max Smart watch

Connecting the MC68 Max smart watch to mobile phones

The MC78 smart watch can be easily connected to Android and IOS smart devices using Bluetooth version 5.0 and also through the exclusive fitpro software. Therefore, you can receive your calls and messages at any place and at any time.

Have a healthier lifestyle with the MC68 Max smart watch

Calorie counter, pedometer, distance calculation, heart rate and sleep monitoring health sensors allow you to monitor your health status at any time. You can easily view the data received from these sensors on the watch or application. With the help of health sensors, you can change your unhealthy lifestyle.

The special and important feature of Modio MC68 Max smart watch

Today’s smart watches are very advanced and you can connect to your mobile phone through these watches and do your daily tasks without needing a phone. Also, the exclusive software of this attractive watch is called fitpro, which is one of the best and most popular smart watch software.

Using the MC68 Modio smart watch, you can connect to your mobile phone via Bluetooth version 5.2, play music and control the music playback of your smartphone.

You can connect to the phone via Bluetooth and take photos through the phone by placing the phone at a suitable distance and pressing the watch button.

  Modio MC68 smart watch allows you to call your contacts wirelessly. It is also possible to answer your incoming calls and engage in conversation using the watch or view your received text messages on the watch. Fortunately, this smart watch displays Farsi notifications well.

using the Modio MC68 Max smart watch, you can view messages and notifications received from social networks